Fakeeh International is here to help prepare you for your visit. With so many details to keep in mind, traveling abroad for medical care can seem overwhelming. Below is a step-by-step guide to address what you will need to do before your visit.

Before your visit, we can:

  • Assign you a personal Patient Service Coordinator who assists you with your appointment scheduling and concierge needs.
  • Schedule medical appointments
  • Confirm airline reservations
  • Arrange hotel or housing in Jeddah
  • Provide ground transportation from the airport
  • Estimate cost of healthcare
  • Assist with financial and billing arrangements


During your visit, you will be treated with respect, understanding and empathy by our medical staff and clinical teams.

While you are at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, we can:

  • Provide a Patient Service Coordinator to schedule medical appointments
  • Provide an interpreter for language assistance
  • Assist with hospital admissions and follow-up medical visits
  • Ensure you understand instructions from physicians
  • Provide information on local activities for your family
  • Update estimates of cost of services
  • Assist with finances and billing
  • Please let your Patient Service Coordinator know your flight information. He/She will send a car to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.

If you need one, you will meet your interpreter/escort who will assist you through all Dr. Soliman Fakeeh appointments.

During your visit we can also arrange your Umrah trip to Makkah & Madinah


After your final appointment, you will meet with a Financial Counselor. We will then determine the status of your bills. We do our best to finalize the billing before you leave DSFH.

If you need to schedule follow-up visits for a later date, we will be happy to start that process. On the day you leave, we will arrange for a car to take you and your family to the airport. You will return home, having received high quality healthcare from one of the country’s top hospitals, its specialists and its clinical teams. We realize you have a choice, and we thank you for choosing Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital.


After your visit, we can:

  • Help obtain copies of medical reports/films after consultations are completed
  • Assist with prescription requests
  • Facilitate communication with physicians
  • Assist with finances and billing
  • Provide online access to H-Connect

Please contact us today and learn how we can assist you.