Discount Agreements

Fakeeh International secures a written agreement with the preferred service providers, as we believe reality is legality. Discounts are provided to Fakeeh International by medical facilities and doctors, who are members of our preferred service providers network. The discount rates are defined in the service provider agreement.

Cost Investigation Services

Fakeeh International handles investigation of invoices received directly from the insured or sent to us by our partners, in order for us to determine whether the invoices coincide with the treatment given and whether the invoices and reports are originals or not.

Medical Cost Monitoring

Our cost containment team monitors treatment costs regularly to prevent the occurrence of excessive invoicing. The monitoring process starts with an estimation of the medical expenses per case based on the treatment and diagnosis. At the end of the treatment we automatically screen the medical expenses for discrepancies on a line-by-line basis, including, but not limited to unnecessary testing, treatment, excessive charging and duplicate charged billing errors.

Cost Estimation System

Fakeeh International has a unique and reliable database which is frequently updated by an in-house software. All data from the service providers are recorded in the database with no exceptions and an in-house statistics specialist turns these data to information. This information is used for cost estimation and cost containment processes. We are able to provide a cost estimation service for any specific diagnosis according to any certain hospital or any region. This system can also be used in referrals of patients.

Cost Break Down

Our system is based on a line-by-line control of the proformas. Our internal medical doctors perform double- and cross-checking in every single file. Statistical back up and second options are the other instruments we use in our cost containment system.