When it is possible to move a patient commercially instead of by air ambulance, Fakeeh International offers a medical escort service. Repatriations can be faster, more comfortable and more spacious by commercial aircraft.

On commercial flights, medical escorts may have more room to care for the patient and travel companions may accompany their relatives  more comfortably.

For serious medical cases, hospital costs may be high and leave patients/ relatives less room for air ambulance expenses. In such cases, commercial transfers with significantly less costs may benefit all parties.

Whatever options are considered, Fakeeh International provides a service that is always focused on best medical quality, safety and security.

Fakeeh International’s network of doctors and nurses, backed up by the logistical and personal support of experienced assistance coordinators, carry out commercial patient transfers all around the globe.

In the course of arranging medically escorted commercial flight repatriations, the Medical Team of Fakeeh International obtains full medical reports from the treating facilities. The patient’s fitness for travel is assessed after which the best and most suitable method and time-frame of transfer is decided upon after Fakeeh International medical team’s consultation with the treating doctor(s).

Fakeeh International follows airline regulations and medical protocols for expected repatriation and evacuation times for key medical conditions. It also seeks relevant medical clearance from the chosen airline as necessary.

According to the medical condition of the patient, decisions are made for the most appropriate in-flight medical crew (doctors, nurses, etc) and necessary specialised medical equipment. Relying on these robust decisions, the safest options are  guaranteed at the best available costs.

Necessary assistance is given on board as well as at the airports of departure and arrivals (wheelchair assistance, oxygen on board, etc.) Appropriate ground coordination (by ambulance or medical cars) is made to move the patients to/from hospitals and airports at the incident and destination cities.

When necessary, transfers are arranged also for the travel companions or patient’s contacts are informed about the progress of the full repatriation/evacuation process.

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