Facility Referrals

The referral service, through our medical network, provides general and specific information to insurance companies regarding the most appropriate medical facility for a given diagnosis or pre-diagnosis. Upon receipt of a request, we send a report comprising of medical and administrative information and the pricing policy of the medical facility.

Medical Counseling

Medical counseling acquires the medical information from the hospitals and/or doctors and incorporates this information into the Fakeeh International medical report. This report is designed according to the requirements of the partners’ doctors. Customized medical reports enable us to provide the necessary information to the requesting party (i.e. assistance or insurance companies).

Case Management

We take the utmost care of each case and leave no room for errors. The medical conditions of our clients are monitored until the day of discharge from the medical facility and all this information is relayed to the requesting parties.

Second Opinion

Fakeeh International provides second opinions in cases where a diagnosis is questioned or suspected as being incorrect. We have a widespread network of doctors and facilities from which we may seek second opinions.

On-site Physicals

Fakeeh International provides on-site medical examinations for employees of major companies operating in Saudi Arabia. In addition we provide medical examinations of patients in hotels or at in the comfort of their own homes.

Medical Equipment

Fakeeh International has a wide range of emergency medical equipment that can be supplied to requesting parties.